A home alarm system is proven to be an extremely effective deterrent to a burglar. The Department of Justice crime statistics show that 74.3% of unsuccessful burglaries can be attributed to an alarm system scaring away the intruder, while the probability of a burglary at a residential site without an alarm system is 14.8%. The benefits of a home alarm system are clear!

Insurance companies work out their rates on the basis of risk so they are more than familiar with the statistics relating to burglary prevention and the presence of a home alarm system. If you’re in any doubt about whether installing an alarm system will reduce the probability of your home being subject to a burglary, just look at the difference it makes to your insurance rates!

Key Benefits:
1. Help Prevents any family member especially kids at home from being hurt by an intruder.
2. Alerts family members to suspicious activity during night hours, thus preventing injuries or death.
3. It helps prevent our valuables and family heirlooms from being stolen.
4. Helps Prevent vandalism
5. It offers peace of mind that your family and property are protected.

The benefits of using a security management system:

  • Improve Security
  • Reduce Security Manpower Costs
  • Manage People more effectively
  • Control your business better
  • Obtain essential information about who has gone where and when 
Security systems are a fact of life today, not only in our homes but in our businesses. Security Lock Systems offer a unique solution for protecting customers, coworkers, and employees. One of the most common types of Security Alarms is Intrusion Alarm Systems or Burglar Alarms. Intrusion Alarms use control panels, many types of sensors, door and window contacts that detect break-ins or unauthorized entry into your office or building and sounds an alarm. The alarm condition is monitored and the proper authorities are notified. Our security systems are designed and engineered to utilize the best equipment for your specific needs. We can even integrate with our other products to give you complete and reliable security solutions.

Security Lock Systems specializes in the design, installation, and testing of Security Alarm system

Afterhours install equipment that is 100% reliable.


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