A Telephone system streamlines communications within the home and manages multiple outside telephone lines. Residential, home office, fax, and Internet lines are all accessible from any telephone in the home or home office.

Benefits for your home:

You have two teenagers at home and you are expecting an important call.

Making sure you never miss an important call is easy with a telephone system. The system facilitates multiple telephone lines, and easy call management features. Your children can receive their calls at their own extension (in their rooms) without the need for extra wiring. Your house line will still be free for that very important call.

Never miss that delivery guy again?

The key system allows for front door/gate intercoms and for remote door openers. When the button on the intercom is pushed, the system will allow a two-way conversation with whoever is at the front door. It is also possible to open a door or gate from any telephone connected to the system. Never again will you have to run to the front door hoping to catch the delivery guy before he leaves.

Its dinner time and nobody is at the table

The paging feature allows for voice announcements to all system extensions at the same time. In addition, a paged party can even answer your page from any system phone in the house. Now you can call everybody to dinner without yelling all over the house.

Another important feature is the flexible ringing assignment feature. It allows you to predetermine which phones will ring on all or selected lines. For example, when used with the night mode feature, the system can automatically prevent the phones from ringing in the children’s rooms after hours. It can also prevent certain phones from answering certain lines on the system.

To further increase freedom and mobility, the telephone system offers a 900 MHz Multi-Line Digital Spread Spectrum wireless telephone. It allows access to most of the features found on the corded system phones, and has three illuminated line buttons and has a plugin for the headset.


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Room to room intercom

· Page All- house-wide paging

· 3 Incoming lines standard, expandable to 6

· 8 Extensions\rooms standard, expandable to 24

· Caller ID

· Music on Hold

· 4 Door Intercoms

· Conference Calls

Advantages For your business

Your telephone system is the communication lifeline of your business. When your phones aren’t working — you are literally out of business. Your system serves customers calling for products and services, calls from your employees to present or potential customers, as well as internal communication between offices, departments, and work stations.


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